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Peter and David Lord Cowell are a couple with a passion for hospitality, gracious living, and running their traditional English country estate & manor house. 


David is a doctor, and the Creative Director of Willowbrook Park. He loves classical art, architecture, music, interior design, gardening and farming. Together with Peter he designed the Manor and Gardens at Willowbrook Park, and created the Rare Breeds Farm.


Peter is the Managing Director of Willowbrook Park, and a Licensed Wedding Celebrant. He grew up in the south of England, being educated at Canterbury Cathedral Choir school, where he was head chorister, before going to the King's School and then on to study  Theology at Cambridge University. After theological training and ordination in the Church of England he worked as an Anglican priest for 25 years. He too enjoys classical art and music and is a keen chorister, pianist, and flautist.


The couple met in 2002 when David was working in the emergency department at The Royal London. Peter shifted to NZ in 2008 so they could start a new life together in the country.


The following year they bought the site of Willowbrook Park, 25 acres of bare land which had once been an apple orchard. Together they set to work drafting plans for the house and architectural features, as well as creating a plan for the landscape gardens which were designed in the manner of the 18th century English style.


For 7 years they spent all their spare time setting out the gardens and creating the landscaping themselves, with the help of a team of devoted friends. In total they have planted over 15,000 trees, bushes and plants to create a collection of stunning themed gardens and outdoor rooms, blended harmoniously with the surrounding countryside.


After 3 years of construction, the jewel of Willowbrook - The Manor - was finally completed in 2016. Since then it has featured in numerous publications and has been used as a venue for fashion shoots, Bollywood films, and music videos...

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